Book Review: Crewel Yule

Author: Monica Ferris

Published: October 2004

Publisher: Berkley Hardcover

Genre: Needlepoint Mystery

ISBN-10: 0425198278

ISBN-13: 978-0425198278


Murder is in the air everywhere–even at a needlework show. Betsy Devonshire, owner of the shop Crewel World, finds herself snowed in at the convention hotel in Nashville along with her policewoman friend, Jill, and employee, Godwin. When another shop owner, Belle Hammermill, falls over the railing, plummeting down nine stories into the middle of the atrium, even the most avid sewers look up from their tatting. Everyone, of course, assumes the fall to be an accident. However, as Betsy, Jill, and Godwin start talking to the show’s attendees, they begin to learn that a selfish and devious Belle had plenty of enemies–and they are all in the hotel. Ferris’ characterizations are top-notch, and the action moves along at a crisp pace. The ending, unfortunately, is something of a letdown, with hardly a twist, much less a turn. Still, with so many crafters out there, this has a built-in audience of those who like to mix their needlepoint with question marks. Ilene Cooper
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

Now for MY take on it:

This was such a lovely book! While it does center around needlepoint, I couldn’t put it down! I love Christmas so I went to pick up a few Yuletide fiction novels while my sister had a book waiting for her at the local library. I saw this book and without reading the first sentence (which will usually automatically tell me if I’ll be interested or not), I checked it out. The characters have tons of personality and while the story is somewhat short, it was wonderfully written. I don’t know needlepoint so what my Mom didn’t know after I asked her, I searched on the Internet for. Thanks to all the knowledge I learned from Mom and Google, I now want to learn needlepoint. They say you learn more from educational books rather than fiction. They obviously haven’t met avid book readers! And as an added bonus, there was a needlepoint pattern that centered around the pattern in the book- for you to try!

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